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Providing systems administration software and IT management services since 2011

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IT Management Softwares

Steelsonic develops and distributes the IT management softwares such as Steel Run As and Network Inventory 3x. Our softwares are online since 2011 and is rated and listed in top download sites with 100s of downloads everyday.

IT Infrastructure

Steelsonic delivers IT infrastructure management services like hardware, network, data center, software, security audits and firewall penetration tests. We have been providing these services since 2015 and have a good customer base.


At Steelsonic we provide consultation on design, development and production of electronic applications and IoT platforms. We expertise in digital data acquisition using PLC controllers. We are well versed in Imagery and optics too.

IT / IS Support Automation 

Steelsonic's softwares Steel RunAs and Steel Network Inventory is helping thousands of IT / IS support personnel, Systems administrators, IT managers across the world to automate and make the service delivery efficient and effective.

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Steelsonic Technical Services is a registered software and IT services company located in Bangalore, India. Established and online since 2011, Steelsonic is known for the IT automation and administration softwares like Steel Run As and Network Inventory 3.0.