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As low as 10$ per employee per year

Accurate reporting

Up-to-date status generation

Cloud based free Employee monitoring software

128bit SSL Secure
Simple User Interface
Smart Way to track

128bit encrypted data transfer from client to cloud

Cloud technology. No server to maintain

3 Simple steps to get started

Highly secure employee tracking software

EPM - Employee Productivity Metrics - On Cloud

The cloud based employee productivity tracking software. Ideally suitable for small and mid size companies which does not want to run a dedicated server for employee tracking purpose.

The cloud based Employee tracking software is free for upto 3 employees. You can try, run it forever. If you wish to track more employees you can add anytime by purchasing yearly renewable subscription license at 10 $ / employee / year .

Secure, Affordable and Easy to deploy Employee tracking software.

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Employee active and idle time of the day bar graph.

Active and Idle Hours

A feature to easily estimate the idle and active time of employees. A glance at the graph can give you the idea of productive hours of a day for a single employee or multiple employees.

Overall total idle time vs active time of employees

Idle time vs Active time

One simple pie chart to give you the heads up information on how much total active hours in the computer vs idle time when the computer was left unused by your employees.

Top websites accessed by employees

Top websites reporting

EPM enables you to have first hand information on the websites accessed by employees and even the time spent browsing them in company's computer and internet resources.

Top applications used by employees

Software Usage tracking

EPM can give the number of hours an software has been actively used by an employee. Key fact is simply keeping an application open does not count as active because EPM can track that too.

Internet usage chart

Internet Usage Stats

With one glance you can make out the internet usage patterns at the time of days. Internet usage details can help you in optimizing your bandwidth usage too.

Block websites which are not allowed easily.

Set website Restrictions

Employers or human resource managers can now set restrictions of list of websites your employees are not allowed to visit. Set dynamically in the cloud portal and leave rest to EPM cloud agent.

Stop certain applications from being opened.

Set Application control

EPM gives you the control to restrict applications like games and media players from being opened by employees. Now you can be in control of what runs in your company's computers.

Track employee in-time and out-time patterns.

Attendance tracking

Simplest way to know the employee intime and outtime. Average calculation of late coming, overtime and ontime reporting can be generated in a single click.

Reason to choose EPM

Employee Productivity Metrics can prove to be an important tool for employers and human resource managers to determine the overall productivity levels of the company at a glance. Simple and precise reports represented graphically gives you the actual resource usage in the company.

100% attendance does not mean 100% productivity! Every human resource personnel knows that good attendance records does not guarantee optimum performance by an employee.

"EPM - Cloud" is a web based employee monitoring and reporting software service highly suitable for employees working in office or in remote locations. The reports generated can be viewed online by loging on to secure web portal. The deployment of the cloud version of EPM does not need highly qualified IT personnel.

3 Simple steps to start tracking your employees..

Create your free Employee tracking account.

Step 1 : Register

Register yourself and create an free EPM account. You can you use this login email ID and password to securely access the reports of your employees productivity.

Cloud based employee performance tracking agent.

Step 2 : Download and Install Cloud agent

Login, Go to Settings menu, Download and install the EPM cloud agent in the computers you wish to monitor. For silent installation read the instructions.

Simple installation. Free for 3 employees.

Step 3 : View Reports

After installation of EPM cloud agent, wait for few minutes before your reports start coming alive. Get the minute by minute update on employee productivity. The free account is limited to 3 employees and the reports can be generated for one month.

How to increase number of employees to be monitored?

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Employee Productivity Metrics
Monitor your employees productivity patterns. Control the usage of Internet and applications.

Steel RunAs 1.6x
Run programs, executables in alternate credentials. Highly useful tool for IT/IS support.

Steel Network Inventory 3.0x
Simplest IT asset tracking software online. Multi-threaded audit engine with fastest reporting.

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