Crowns of Indian Gods


Its up to the common knowledge of every Indian that the Hindu gods being worshiped since time immemorial wear varieties of crowns.

But many don’t know the significance and difference between the crowns worn by the gods. Here’s more details about it…

There are 2 categories of Mukutas or Maulis (Crown/Head gear)

A) Major Varieties – Kirita Mukuta, Jata Mukuta, Karanda Mukuta

B) Minor Varieties – Are mostly done by hair using jewels

Kirita Mukuta : is a Long Conical Crown topped by Ornamental Knob. This is exclusively worn by Narayana / Vishnu or his class of Gods like Surya or Avatars of Vishnu. The word Kirita comes from Kirti. Who bears this mukuta (crown) is the Sovereign ruler.

Jata Mukuta: made of twists of matted hair. Generally worn by Shiva and his class of Gods like Rudra. Brahma also seen frequently sporting this. This mukuta (crown) indicates the Yogic status. For Shiva, in Jata Mukuta moon can be on any side but Sarpa (the serpent) is always on left.

Karanda Mukuta: Karanda means bowl. Series of descending tyres in 3, 5 or 7 number makes this mukuta. This is worn by all other gods except the Trimurtis indicating subordination status. Sometimes Brahma is also seen sporting the Karanda Mukuta.