Pythagoras Theorem, was it invented first in India?

Pythagoras Theorem, was it invented in India?

There are lot of evidences of existence of a great Indian Mathematician called Baudhayan who gave the world Pythagoras Theorem much before it was re-invented by west, Baudhayan is also accredited with calculating the value of pi(π) in 2000 BC.

It can be positively concluded that it was Baudhayana who discovered the Pythagoras Theorem during 800 BCE. He wrote about the theorem in his book called “Baudhayana Sulbasutra.”

The book written by Baudhayana also can be considered as one of the oldest books on advanced mathematics. The verse or “shloka” in Baudhayana Sulbasutra which describes the Pythagoras Theorem in its originality is as below…

Baudhayana had used an piece of rope to describe his invention. The above shloka “the Sanskrit verse” can be loosely translated like “A rope stretched along the length of the diagonal produces an area which the vertical and horizontal sides make together”

Proof of Pythagoras theorem has been provided by both Baudhāyana & Āpastamba in their Sulba Sutras,giving rules for the construction of altars.