An IPS officer who ‘still’ respects his ladder of success

An Tata Motors employee who became an Indian Police Service officer

We come across many who have crossed the hardships of the existence and have reached the summit of success after learning the bitter secret of how to reach there. Many succeed with help from others while many reach the destined goal with their own sheer grit and determination. While we come across many who have struggled their way up, the ones who struggled and the ones who got help from someone when on path to success will never forget the people who helped them to reach where they have reached.

Mahesh Bhagwat is one such person who reached the pinnacle of success with his will power and determination considering his origin which is of humble nature. He is one man who didn’t forget the people who were on his way to success Mahesh Bhagwat.

Mahesh Bhagwat’s father was a teacher by profession in a government run school. Hailing from a small town called Pathardi in the district of AhmedNagar in Maharastra it was a difficult and hard way to achieve his dream.

The son of a teacher from the small town cleared his engineering in civil constructions and applied for a job in the Tata Motors company and eventually got selected and appointed. Though many consider a job in a company like Tata Motors as the most secured job and aspire to work and retire there Mr.Mahesh Bhagwat’s dream was different. His heart was elsewhere and he had a sense of service calling him.

This dream made him take up the difficult examinations such as UPSC and cleared the IPS exams. The posting from IPS took him away from the job at Tata Motors and set him up Andhra Pradesh.

The sweet surprise came when Mr.Mahesh was called for a inauguration ceremony of a Tata Aerospace Boeing plant. He was a co-invitee along with the young and dynamic minister of state for Information Technology Mr.Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao also known famously as K.T.R.

During the inaguration session Mr.KTR took on a moment to introduce Mr.Mahesh Bhagwat to Mr.Ratan Tata. He was in for a pleasant surprise. Mr.Mahesh Bhagwat expressed that its a great moment of happiness and proudness to have met the iconic industriliast and gave everyone a plesent surprise by saying these words in hindi “Maine Tata ka Namak Khaya hey”. He surprised everyone by taking a selfie with Mr.Ratan Tata and conveyed him that he was once their employee.

While posting the below photo in the social media, Mr.Mahesh Bhagwat had mentioned the Hindi caption. By not forgetting and kicking the ladders he used to climb up to achieve his goal and dream Mr.Mahesh is an example for many aspiring youngsters.

Mr.Ratan Tata with Mr.Mahesh Bhagwat IPS