This is how Steve Jobs broke rules of California traffic laws


Steve Jobs, the immensely talented technocrat of the century who gave the world the iconic products such as iPhone, iPod and founder or Apple. He was recognized for his innovations and world was always curious to know about his life and his pastimes when he was alive. Though he is no more the curiosity still remains with many about the lifestyle of this iconic personality.

Let’s see one interesting information about Steve Jobs. Do you know Steve Jobs never drove a car with a number plate on it? shocking isn’t it ? You can be a billionaire and can be a influential celebrity, but are you big enough to break the law of the land?

Yes. Steve Jobs found an easy way to manoeuvre around the law of the land and made sure the car he drives does not sport an number plate.

Steve Jobs lived in California. He used to drive around in his favorite car made by Mercedes SL55. This is the car which never had a number plate when he was using it. Steve Jobs car without the number plate was never caught by the police any time nor was he fined for this violation. Does that mean Steve Jobs was above the law? No! He never broke any law, He just was brilliant enough to find the loophole in the law and used it in his favor.

Steve Jobs utilized an interesting lapse in the Californian state motor act which considered that the cars which are new and purchased recently and is not older than 6 months don’t need number plate. Steve Jobs being the man he is know for utilized this law to its greatest extent. He just made it convenient for himself to sell the car when it was about to reach its first 6 months, sell it and buy a new one.

The question arises now as to why would he use a car with out the number plate? how is it going to help? was it only to satisfy his famous ego? or was it for security reasons? Or was it to evade the paparazzi always behind him?

We leave you with these questions….