How to disable UAC from the windows registry


Many times it becomes necessary to disable UAC ( User Access Control ) to perform actions that cannot be done by normal users. Though this is a security hack, it can be useful in controlled non-production environments.

To disable the UAC in windows 7 or Windows 10 follow the steps below.

Press windows key, start typing CMD

Select the option “Run as administrator”

After command prompt opens up in administrative mode type the command “regedit” and press enter

Browse and select the path


In the right side pane, select the key called as “EnableUA” and double click

Set the Value data to “0” if the value is “1“. ┬áIf you do not have this DWORD value, then create a DWORD value and set the value data to “0

Restart the computer. Now your windows wont annoy you with UAC elevation prompts anymore.