Would Bee or Won’t Bee. Know the Bees out there


Are you aware of the most popular bees out there in the open? Here are the 5 most common species of bees listed out. Note. Consider the temperament of the bees and don’t go by our understanding of their nature. Your judgement is final for your safety from these yellow stripy fellows. Though they look cute and cuddly they are unpredictable.. well many times

The Top 5 Yellow Stripey Fellows

HoneyBee. This half inch fellow is the most common bee around. An excellent pollinator, these insects flap their wings 11 thousand times a minute making that famous Buzz sound.

BumbleBee, these active and vibrant bees are effective pollinators and socially very good bees. Unlike their distant cousins HoneyBees these guys can sting anyone more than once and still live to tell their tale. They cannot be take lightly these bees are known for their aggressive nature to protect their nest.

CarpenterBee, solitary in nature they prefer to live on their own and mind their own business and make nest for their family and fend them only. They are known to chew the wood and make tunnels and set their family life going on in there. They are very good pollinators too.

Cicada killer bees or wasps exist simply to kill the cicada insects. They paralyze the cicada insects and take them to their burrows for feeding their young. The male just exist to mate and die while female of the species will lay all her eggs and die. Generally harmless in nature.

Hoverflies, We are not sure if these guys can be listed along with the lineup of bees. Though they wear the standard issue yellow stripey uniform these fellows cannot sting and pose no threat to anyone. They have the tendency to follow you home if they like you.