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Steel Network Inventory 3.0

3.0.1 [build 139]
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Presenting a simple, fast and light weight hardware and software inventory auditor with agentless multi-threaded audit engine..

Steel Network Inventory can be configured to perform automated audits of hardware, software's, hot fixes and shared resources etc.

Helps you in ensuring software license compliance and also track changes occurring in computer configurations easily.

Unlike many other similar programs, Steel Network Inventory uses simple text file for storing audit data. We ensure that you are not locked with proprietary data base.

  Feature List
  Multi-Threaded Audits
  Non Proprietory audit Database
  Multiple Alternate Credential Audits
  Unlimited IP Audit ranges
  Configuration Changes Verification
  Software License Compliance Option
  One click report generation
  Scheduled Audit Support
  Simple un-cluttered Interface
  Audit Feature List
  Hardware Audits
  Installed Software Audits
  Operating System Details Audits
  System Services Audits
  Running Processes Audits
  Installed Hotfix Audits
  OS Environment Detail Audits
  User Account Detail Audits
  Shared Resources Detail Audits