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Steel Network Inventory 3.0.x

Hardware and Software Inventory

Multi-threaded agentless audits

Open data format. No proprietary black box database.

Steel Network Inventory 3.0.x

Steel Network Inventory 3.0.x

Simple uncluttered interfaces

Light weight application designed by IS/IT professionals

Win XP,Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible

Steel Network Inventory 3.0.x

Steel Network Inventory 3.0.x

Light weight and fast hardware and software inventory software.

A simple and effective software to audit your network for hardware and software assets. Sports easy interface, multi-threaded audit engine, software license compliance audit and many more features to help the IT/IS personnel in getting reports in a minute.

Steel Network Inventory was designed based on the inputs from many system managers. Our software performs audits faster and is a perfect tool to track enormous data through an easy click report and also helps keep a good control over your IT assets.

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Version 3.0.5 - released on Aug 12 2020

Detailed Hardware inventory

Hardware Inventory

Detailed hardware inventory consisting information on Processor, Bios, System board, Memory, Graphics card, Hard disk drives, Optical drives, Network interfaces.

Detailed software inventory

Software Inventory

Detailed software inventory consisting information on installed software applications, Operating system patches and hotfixes.

License compliance reporting.

License Compliance

One click reporting on all installed softwares and the number of installations matched against the license availability.

No need to install any software in client computers.

Configuration Check

View and get alerts when any hardware or software configuration change is detected. Very helpful for tracking unauthorised hardware or software tampering.

Multithreading audits.

Multithread Audits

Multithreading audit engine scales upto 50 threads. Faster audits means most latest inventory reports in your hand.

Supports all windows versions

Windows compatibility

Steel Network Inventory is tested and certified to work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Scheduled audits

Scheduled Audits

Schedule your network inventory audits at time of your choice. Latest audited reports will be available for you when you want anytime.

Windows Hotfix and Patches reporting

Patches & Hotfix Audits

One click reporting on installed hotfixes and patches. Steel Network Inventory helps you track down the PCs missing crucial patches easily.

Why Steel Network Inventory?

Steel Network Inventory was conceived and built by IT professionals who are systems and network administrators just like you. While it boasts of a whole lot of features it surely does not have much of fancy GUI designs and reports which might be generally unused and actually unnecessary for the actual people in the field.

We encourage you to try out Steel Network Inventory 3.x and check for yourself if this serves the actual purpose of doing the hardware and software assets reporting as per your needs.

You can write to us for adding any feature which you feel we have left out. We will be glad to add that up for you. Go ahead try out the simplest software out here for doing IT assets audits !

How to license your installation of Steel Network Inventory 3.0.x

Download latest version of Steel Network Inventory 3.0.x

Step 1 : Download the latest version

Download the latest version and install it in the administrative mode. Ensure that the system has minimum .Net version of 4.0.

Send us the request code of steel network inventory 3.0.x

Step 2 : Send the installation request code.

After installation of the software in a computer, Open and go to About option. Copy / note down the license request code generated by the software. Send this code to sales@steelsonic.com.

Steelsonic support team will send the license key based on the license purchased by you.

Apply license to your steel runas installation

Step 3 : Apply license.

Once you receive the serial key from our sales personnel, copy and paste the code in the license key box and click apply license. Now you installation will be licensed.

The number of hosts that can be audited will depend of the license purchased.

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Purchase License Key

Steel Network Inventory - Company license (100 computers)20 USD
Steel Network Inventory - Company license (200 computers)30 USD
Steel Network Inventory - Company license (300 computers)40 USD
Steel Network Inventory - Company license (400 computers)50 USD
Steel Network Inventory - Company license (500 computers)100 USD
Steel Network Inventory - Company license (1000 computers)300 USD


Steelsonic Technical Services is a registered software and IT services company located in Bangalore, India.

Established and online since 2011, Steelsonic is well known in the IT management software segment for its softwares like Steel RunAs and Network Inventory 3.0.

Products Summary

Steel RunAs 1.6x
Run programs, executables in alternate credentials. Highly useful tool for IT/IS support.

Steel Network Inventory 3.0x
Simplest IT asset tracking software online. Multi-threaded audit engine with fastest reporting.

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