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Steel RunAs 1.x
Automated RunAs command creator

Executes any program in Administrative mode

Great tool for automating bulk software installations

Excellent alternative for native RunAs command

RunAs - Automated RunAs utility

Steel RunAs 1.x
Simple tool, Great use

MD5 checksum verification before execution of command

No installation is required in the client side

Win XP,Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible

RunAs - Simple tool for automating RunAs.

Steel Run As - Automated Run As Utility

Run As is an simple and efficient utility to automate the need for executing some programs in administrative mode.

RunAs helps you to execute commands or applications which will work properly only with administrator privileges. You can also make your end user run any desired programs in administrator mode without providing the actual administrator password.

Steel RunAs helps you in executing audit commands or any kind of application which runs properly when run only with administrator privileges without having to give the user full rights to his machine.

Steel RunAs can run applications, powershell scripts, vbscripts, batch files, .MSI setup files, .EXE setup files as administrator or system user from a limited user account.

Steel RunAs solves a problem that every Windows administrator faces sooner or later. It allows you to let standard users run a specific program with administrator privileges. This works in login scripts, in Windows domains or on standalone workstations. Important is that the user doesn't have to know the administrator's password, like with the Windows runas command.

Steel RunAs is very easy to set up. The main application needs to be installed in only one system in which the RunAs executables are created. The RunAs executables are self contained applications by themselves and do not need any license key to run and don't need any installation in the client side.

Steel RunAs uses advanced RC4 encryption with Random Seed variable string of 16bit which keeps the saved administrator credentials safe.

Sys admins, Go ahead, automate your day-to-day maintenance tasks and spend your time doing more useful things.

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Supports environmental variables

Environmental variables

Use the environmental variables like %computername% or %username% in the commandline. RunAs can parse them and execute as required.

Strong encryption standards

MD5 & RC4 Encryption

Psuedo Random seed and RC4 encryption of the credentials stored inside the RunAs executable. Enhanced safety of credentials.

Set your own icons to steel runas executable.

Option for Custom Icons

You can set custom icons to the RunAs executable. Easy to identify the RunAs executables.

No need to install any software in client computers.

No client side setups

There is no need to install any software in the client side to execute RunAs executables. Only the main software needs installation and licensing.

Supports additional password protection.

Execution Password

Ability to set additional level of password for RunAs executables. Control who gets to execute the RunAs files.

Supports all windows versions

Windows compatibility

Steel RunAs is tested and certified to work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Works with batch files also.

Batch file compatible

RunAs executables can be called from batch files.

MD5 checksum verification for enhanced safety and prevents misuse.

MD5 Hash Check

MD5 hash checksum verification of the target executable before running the command. Ensuring target executable is not changed.

Choose correct RunAs version

Steel RunAs comes in two versions. One for companies where the RunAs executables created need to be executed in 100s of computers and another for home users.

Please select the appropriate version for your need and evaluate.

In terms of functionality there are no shortcoming in single computer (home) version except that the RunAs executables created in one system cannot be executed in other computer.

How to apply license to your installation of Steel RunAs

Download either company version or single computer version.

Step 1 : Download the suitable version

Download the company mode version if you want the RunAs executables to be run in many computers. Download the single computer version if you need to run some programs in administrative mode always at home but dont want others to have the password.

Send us the request code of steel runas

Step 2 : Install the software.

Install the main software in a computer, Open and go to About option. Copy / note down the license request code generated by the software. Send this code to sales@steelsonic.com.

Please note that the request codes are different for the versions. Please ensure to install the right version before sending us the code.

Apply license to your steel runas installation

Step 3 : Apply license.

Once you receive the serial key from our sales personnel, copy and paste the code in the license key box and click apply license. Now you can create RunAs executables.

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Download Latest version

Download Steel RunAs Company version   Recommended for companies with multiple computers.

Download Steel RunAs Single computer version   Recommended for home users for usage in a single computer.

Purchase License Key

Single computer version10 USD
Company license (10 computers)20 USD
Company license (50 computers)30 USD
Company license (100 computers)50 USD
Company license (500 computers)100 USD
Company license (1000 computers)250 USD


Steelsonic Technical Services is a registered software and IT services company located in Bangalore, India.

Established and online since 2011, Steelsonic is well known in the IT management software segment for its softwares like Steel RunAs and Network Inventory 3.0.

Products Summary

Steel RunAs 1.6x
Run programs, executables in alternate credentials. Highly useful tool for IT/IS support.

Steel Network Inventory 3.0x
Simplest IT asset tracking software online. Multi-threaded audit engine with fastest reporting.

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