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RunAs from Steelsonic Technical Services is an simple and efficient alternate for windows default commandline option called "Run As".

RunAs can help you run commands or applications which can be run properly only with administrator privileges. You can also make your end user run any desired programs in administrator mode without providing the actuall administrator password.

Unlike the default command line tool, the target program details and credentials are stored inside the RunAs executable file itself in a highly secure encrypted format. The end user has to just double click the RunAs executable to launch the program with alternate credentials.

RunAs tool does not require any installation in the end user computers. The main program needs to be installed in only one computer in which the RunAs executable files are created. With additional feature like pre-execution password the safety of the RunAs executable can be further ensured.

Feature highlights of RunAs 1.6.1

Steel Run As 1.6
  • Environmental variables support for domain names.
  • Target MD5 verification to prevent misuse.
  • No client side installation needed for execution.
  • Ability to assign unique icon for target executables.
  • Additional execution password option.
  • Win XP,Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible *.
  • Strong encryption - RC4 with pseudo random seed.

Single Computer Version 1.6

    This version can only be used to create RunAs executables which can be executed only in the computer in which they were created (where the main program itself is installed). This license is suitable mostly for home computers that is with out any domain authentications.

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Company License Version 1.6

    This version must be used for creating RunAs executables which can be executed in multiple computers. The number of supported computers depends on license applied in the main software which creates the RunAs executables.

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Steel RunAs is Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible.