WorkTrak - Employee Monitoring Software

1. Active / Idle Time Tracking 2. Web Browser / Application Monitoring 3. Screenshots Recording 4. Productivity Analytics 5. Insider Threat Detection 6. Attendance Reporting

WorkTrak - Employee Monitoring Software

WorkTrak – The employee monitoring is from our sister concern. The software is designed meticulously using the latest cloud technology in a user-friendly, and secured platform that can foster the growth of your company. WorkTrak -On Cloud is a SaaS product that provides global real-time analytics reports on the productivity of the employee.

Two Variants of WorkTrak

WorkTrak -On Cloud

Recommended for companies with the need to monitor the employees located in multiple geographical locations. Supports wide range of reporting formats. Sporting the most competitive pricing and the options this is the upcoming and promising SaaS product as reviewed by many sites

WorkTrak - On Premise

Perfectly suitable for companies who wish to track the employees in the office but don't want the data to reside outside their network. This version is a combination of client/server/manager applications which runs on Windows platform. Call +91 821 723 9296 for details