Ping Monitor

Real-Time Host Availability, Connection Quality, Port Connectivity and Keyword Monitoring Tool

Steelsonic Ping Monitor Overview

Ping Monitor is an advanced network surveillance tool that elevates the standards of host and service availability monitoring. Designed to execute automatic pings, our system not only detects the up/down status of network hosts but also provides comprehensive monitoring of port activities crucial for service uptime such as SMTP,HTTP,IMAP etc.

With our intuitive ICMP pings, administrators gain insights into connection quality through real-time analytics of packet loss, latency, and jitter. Beyond conventional metrics, Ping Monitor uniquely offers keyword monitoring, enabling you to oversee the presence of specific content across numerous websites effortlessly. Our software is powered by the high-performance MongoDB database, guarantees swift processing and storage of extensive monitoring data.

When changes in host state or connection quality occur or when a Port goes down and when a keyword is found in a website, Ping Monitor immediately alerts you through e-mail notifications

How does Ping Monitor Work?

Ping Monitor uses ICMP echo to monitor multiple hosts in parallel. The program has advanced multi-threaded engine which sends ICMP echo requests continuously to every host and analyzes the replies.

The software constantly sends ICMP echo requests to each host and examines the responses it receives. Whenever a ping is successful, the program records the time it takes for the round trip. In the event that multiple pings fail consecutively, the program identifies a connection interruption, updates the host status to "down," and sends out appropriate notifications.

The program evaluates the current status of the host connection by analyzing the most recent pings. It calculates metrics such as packet loss, latency, and jitter to determine the real-time quality. Based on these metrics, the program categorizes the quality as either good, warning, bad, or critical.

Additionally, the program can analyze the performance of the host over a specific time period by using historical ping results. It calculates metrics such as host uptime percentage, packet loss, average latency, latency deviation, and latency coefficient of variation (CV).

Ping Monitor is available in three editions

Not limited by features and performance, limited only by support of number of hosts

Free Edition

Limited to 15 hosts

  • ICMP ping Monitoring
  • Port Monitoring
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Connection Quality
  • Two client connections
  • Email notifications

Business Edition

Support upto 500 hosts

  • ICMP ping Monitoring
  • Port Monitoring
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Connection Quality
  • Two client connections
  • Email notifications

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Hosts *

  • ICMP ping Monitoring
  • Port Monitoring
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Connection Quality
  • Two client connections
  • Email notifications
  • * Depends on hardware and network capacity

Main Features of Steelsonic Ping Monitor

ICMP ping monitor feature of Steelsonic Ping Monitor

ICMP Ping Monitor

Our program delivers precise ICMP ping-based host monitoring by continuously sending pings at fixed intervals to determine the availability of network hosts. It efficiently gauges whether a host is active, ensuring reliable uptime assessment and immediate detection of any host downtime for robust network management.

Port monitoring is also available in Steelsonic Ping Monitor

Port monitoring

Our program improves the reliability of networks by including a port monitoring feature also!. This feature regularly checks the accessibility of specific ports, guaranteeing that important services remain operational and unaffected by any disruptions. With the ability to continuously monitor port connectivity, our tool offers a complete overview of service status and ensures optimal uptime.

Keyword monitoring for websites also available in Steelsonic Ping Monitor

Keyword Monitoring

The program offers a vigilant keyword monitoring feature for multiple website pages, customizable to trigger alerts based on the presence or absence of specific keywords. This tool is invaluable for maintaining continuous surveillance over web services, promptly notifying you of any anomalies to ensure the integrity of your online presence.

Connection quality analysis is a part of Steelsonic Ping Monitor

Connection Quality

The connection quality to each monitored host is dynamically evaluated in real time by analyzing the latest ping results. Utilizing key metrics such as packet loss and latency, the software calculates and delivers instantaneous insights into the network's performance, ensuring accurate and up-to-date quality assessments.

Steelsonic Ping Monitor uses high performance database to store the raw data.

High Performance Database

Leveraging the power of MongoDB as its database backbone, the program excels at storing vast quantities of raw data with exceptional performance. MongoDB's flexible schema and efficient indexing enable swift data retrieval and real-time analytics, making it an ideal choice for handling extensive network monitoring data with speed and scalability.

Steelsonic Ping monitor is having a good Roadmap and will be developed extensively in future.


In the upcoming release, our monitoring solution will introduce personalized host configuration options, enhancing control for individual needs. We're expanding our alert system to include desktop notifications and sound alerts for more immediate attention. A sleek web interface will enable remote access and management, while the ability to execute custom programs upon alerts will offer unprecedented automation and response capabilities.

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