Dashboard Overview

When you start the Ping Monitor, you will see the dashboard view displaying few graphs and event log.

The first pie chart displays the total number of hosts which are being actively monitored and hosts which are currently not being monitored.

The second pie chart represents the host state of ICMP ping monitors. The states are set to "Up", "Down" or "Unknown".

The third pie chard represents the host connection quality.

The first bar chart represents the top 10 hosts which have faced the packet loss for the day. This chart does not represent the actual outages instead every dropped packet is taken into consideration. This chart is generated using the raw data captured from the hosts.

The second chart represents the top 10 hosts which has faced the port connectivity incidents for the day.

The connectivity events (outages) are displayed in the log view.  You can choose a different date for checking on the events occured in previous days.