Adding Hosts for Keyword monitoring

Steelsonic Ping Monitor features the option to monitor a website page for occurance of a specific keyword. You can choose to trigger an alert on two conditions

1. Trigger alert when keyword is found.
2. Trigger alert when keyword is "not" found.

The monitor service retrives the content from the given URL every 5 minutes once and analyzes the content for the occurance of the keyword. Based on the condition set the alert will be triggered.

Follow the steps below to add an keyword monitor.

Step 1: Select "Add new >> Host:

Step 2: Select the option "Keyword" from the "Monitor Type".

Step 3: Enter the host address

Step 4: Enter the keyword to be monitored. Here we are mentioning the keyword as "404". In the event the server returns that the url is not available or page not found error then the condition is satisfied and the alert is triggered.

Step 6: Click add. This will add the defined URL for monitoring the specified keyword.