Welcome to the Steelsonic Ping Monitor program's online documentation pages. This software product was developed keeping Network and Systems administrators in mind.

The application is crafted to promptly inform you whenever there's an issue with the hosts you're monitoring, such as changes in their status or when certain monitoring metrics exceed the established thresholds. It compiles detailed monitoring data, including various metrics, enabling the creation of comprehensive reports on the performance of any monitored host. This manual offers an in-depth overview of all functionalities available within the program, tailored for network and systems administrators and managers.

steelsonic ping monitor

Downloading the Ping Monitor :

The program can be downloaded in the link Download . The program when installed will function in a unrestricted mode supporting unlimited hosts. When we say "unlimited" the only factor which could limit the number of hosts that can be monitored is the system resources. A typical desktop with a dual core CPU, 16GB memory and sufficient drive space can monitor upto 500+ hosts effortlessly.

Steelsonic Ping Monitor supports three types of monitoring modes.

  1. ICMP based uptime monitoring of hosts
  2. Port connectivity based service uptime monitoring
  3. Keyword detection and alerting on web sites