Ping Monitor

Real-Time Host Availability, Connection Quality, Port Connectivity and Keyword Monitoring Tool

Dashboard View

Get an overview of the states of your hosts being monitored. Get the top level indication of the Connectivity status and availability charts.

Connection Status Visual Grid

Clear grid view with colour indicators for the host connection status.

Connection Quality Grid View

A grid view with color indicators for connection quality. Know the quality of connection in a visual mode.

Connectivity Events

Get a clear view of the raw responses to the ICMP requests plus the outage times. The log will indicate the connection quality alerts also if enabled.

Detailed Ping Statistics

This page shows the detailed analysis of the ICMP ping requests and the results which were obtained and analyzed. You can get a detailed report of average latency, jitter, Connection quality and Uptime Statistics.

Summary view of all hosts

Get a summarized report view of all hosts being monitored. You can get the reports for 100s of hosts in few minutes and use it for further analysis. The report includes all information which can viewed in other reports too.

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