Advanced RunAs

Remove local administrator privileges on Windows servers and endpoints. Effortlessly elevate applications for standard users with on-demand, time-limited permissions.

Advanced RunAs Main Screen

Elevate Applications On-Demand

Enable standard users to easily run approved applications that typically need admin rights, whenever necessary. Elevate the applications, not the users.

Remove Admin Privilege

Remove local administrator rights from users on Windows endpoints. Enforce least privilege without impacting operational efficiency.

Self-Service Elevation

Prevent the execution of unapproved software and block malicious programs from infiltrating your organization. Ensure all users have just enough, least privileged access to your IT infrastructure.Enforce security policies seamlessly, without impacting end-user productivity. Reduce IT workload in managing user privileges.

Prevent Malware, Ransomware

Malware needs admin privileges to take hold on computers and spread across the network. By removing local admin rights on endpoints and allowing on-demand application elevation, Advanced RunAs dramatically reduces the risk of attacks.

Enhance Security and Maintain Productivity

Advanced RunAs offers a unified approach to privilege management, providing enhanced security while maintaining operational efficiency. Standard users can elevate applications on-demand without dealing with UAC password prompts, enjoying both flexibility and ease of use.

Steelsonic Advanced RunAs - Enforce least privilege

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Key Features of Advanced RunAs

Advanced RunAs supports usage of Environmental variables

Environmental variables

With Advanced RunAs, simplify your command line usage by incorporating environmental variables like %computername% etc. Advanced RunAs can interpret and parse these variables effortlessly.

Advanced RunAs uses advanced Encryption methods to store credentials

Strong RC4 Encryption

To secure your credentials, Advanced RunAs employs Pseudo Random Seed and RC4 encryption. This ensures the data within the executable is well-protected, making unauthorized access extremely difficult.

You can set any custom icons for the RunAs executables you create

Time limited Executables

Advanced Runas supports time limitation for the RunAs Executables. You can set the expiry date for the exe and after the expiry date the RunAs executable cannot be run.

Advanced RunAs does not need any installations in the client side

No client side setups

You don't need to install any extra software on the client side to run RunAs executables. All you need is to install and license the main software. This means that you can easily and quickly execute RunAs commands without having to worry about additional installation or licensing requirements on each individual client machine. It's a simple and hassle-free way to get things done.

Advanced RunAs is highly compatible with all versions of Windows prevalent today including Windows 11 and latest server editions

Windows compatibility

Advanced RunAs has been rigorously tested and certified for seamless performance across various Windows operating systems, including Windows Windows 10, Windows 11. It is also fully compatible with the latest Windows Server editions.

MD5 Hash Check

Advanced RunAs uses MD5 hash checksum verification to ensure the integrity of target executables. Before running a command, it checks that the executable's checksum matches the original. If there's a mismatch, the command won't be executed, preventing security issues from modified files. With MD5 verification, you can trust Advanced RunAs to always execute the correct executable.

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