"WARNING: The Shocking Risks of Using Pirated Software Will Make You Think Twice!"

Track Software license Compliance using Steelsonic Network Inventory

In the complexities of network management, one danger that is often overlooked is the use of unapproved or pirated software. While it may seem like a quick fix or cost-saving measure, the legal consequences of using such software are serious and far-reaching. Our product, Network Inventory, is designed to protect your company from these legal pitfalls.

Steel Network Inventory can help in making your company software license compliant. Download Steel Network Inventory

The Legal Risks of Non-Compliance: Using unlicensed software is not just unethical; it's illegal. It violates intellectual property laws such as the Copyright Act of 1976 in the United States. Non-compliance can lead to substantial fines, legal fees, and even criminal charges. For businesses, this can mean devastating financial and reputational damage.

How Does Pirated Software Enter the Network? Pirated software can enter a network in a variety of ways, often without the administrator's knowledge. This is due to employees downloading unauthorized programs or obtaining software from unverified sources. This is where Network Inventory comes in handy, as it provides options to conduct a comprehensive audit and detect such illegal software.

The Role of Software Audits in Compliance: Routine software audits are not just a best practice, they are a legal safeguard. Steelsonic Network Inventory makes it easy to perform such audits, ensuring that all software on the network is properly licensed and compliant. This proactive approach is key to avoiding legal issues.

Legal Consequences Case Studies: Real-life examples, including a $1.2 million settlement by a major company that used unlicensed software, illustrate the seriousness of this issue. These cases underscore the importance of using tools like Network Inventory to ensure compliance and to remain vigilant.

By using Network Inventory, you can stay compliant, protect your company's reputation, and avoid costly court battles; Network Inventory is not just a tool to manage your software inventory, it is a tool to protect the future of your business.